Create OpenMapTiles Vector Tiles

  1. In Ubunutu 18.04
  2. Tried on windows and failed
    1. Install OpenMapTiles-Tools
    2. Import the ohio-latest.osm.pbf
    3. Generate the mbtiles vector tiles

In Ubunutu 18.04

git clone

cd openmaptiles


  • Delete the albania osm file in the data folder and replace with the latest Ohio data from
  • Move this file into the data folder
  • Create a docker-compose-config.yml file in the same directory as follows:
version: "2"
BBOX: "-84.8202, 38.4031, -80.5187, 41.9775"
OSM_MAX_TIMESTAMP: "2019-04-04"

./ the name you gave in the OSM_AREA_NAME so ./ ohio

Copy the tiles.mbtiles to Windows

Unpack the mbtiles to a folder of vector tiles with

Tried on windows and failed

docker-compose up -d postgres

docker-compose run import-water
docker-compose run import-natural-earth
docker-compose run import-lakelines
docker-compose run import-osmborder

Install OpenMapTiles-Tools

docker run -v data/ohio-latest.osm.pbf openmaptiles/openmaptiles-tools

docker-compose run --rm openmaptiles-tools generate-tm2source openmaptiles.yaml --host="postgres" --port=5432 --database="openmaptiles" --user="openmaptiles" --password="openmaptiles" > build/openmaptiles.tm2source/data.yml

docker-compose run --rm openmaptiles-tools generate-imposm3 openmaptiles.yaml > build/mapping.yaml

These two files mapping.yaml and data.yaml need converted to UTF8 which can be done in Notepad or Notepad++

docker-compose run --rm openmaptiles-tools generate-sql openmaptiles.yaml > build/tileset.sql

Import the ohio-latest.osm.pbf

docker-compose run import-osm

This should show that it is importing from the ohio file, and not the default albania file.

Generate the mbtiles vector tiles

docker-compose run generate-vectortiles - ERROR - z(numeric) does not exist - Just run on an Ubuntu droplet